Physical Healing

There can be many medical reasons you are depressed. Have an honest conversation with a doctor about your situation. 

You can even start at a health food store with natural supplements if you're uncomfortable with prescription medication. Educate yourself about medications. 
My Help 4 Depression 
moving beyond the negative stigma of depression by working toward
emotional, physical and spiritual health.
 You are not weak for living depressed. 
You have courage for seeking solutions.
You can have a better life free from depression. 
It really is possible.
Spiritual Healing

Lack of faith has NOT caused your depression. Learning to rely on your spirituality in times of despair will give you hope, direction, and spiritual healing. 

"The Lord Says, 'I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.'"
                      - Psalm 32:8

"Jesus looked at them and said, 'With man this is impossible, 
but not with God; 
all things are possible 
with God.'"

                     - Mark 10:27
Emotional Healing

Just because you have depressed feelings, does NOT mean you're stuck with those feelings or that your situation is truly hopeless. There are many ways to overcome depressed feelings including counseling. 

"I used to wake up and follow my feelings throughout the day. I usually felt depressed and afraid of everything. Knowing I could chose how I wanted to be instead of having to be what I felt gave me relief. My feelings didn't change instantly,but I began to see the difference in what was reality and what were just feelings." 
                  -Elaine, age 23
My Help 4 Depression is founded on the following values:

1. There are different typescauses and treatments of and for depression.
2. Medication can be a useful tool in treating depression.
3. You are responsible for taking action to heal from depression.
4. Lack of faith has NOT caused your depression.
5. Depression and the treatment of it is not a "one size fits all" program.
6. Prayer is not a substitute for action but a statement of faith and an active conversation with God..
7. God helps those who seek Him and help themselves with His guidance - God gives the choice to have a relationship with Him. To get started, ask God for help.
8. Art can be a helpful therapy against depression.

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"...depression does not cause depression and doesn’t just show up without cause or reason, but is related to a web of forces that we can influence and affect."
 - Mark Hyman, M.D. 
"I've tried everything to fight depression and nothing works!"
This website is not intended and cannot take the place of a doctor, counselor or other trained professional.
Many untruths prevent individuals from recovering 
from the shroud of depression. My Help 4 Depression seeks to erase the stigma of depression by educating 
the public and by providing resources to those 
seeking freedom from depression.

You will have greater success for overcoming depression by focusing on three areas of healing: physicalemotional and spiritual
It takes more courage to go through life depressed 
than it does to get help.
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