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moving beyond the negative stigma of depression by working toward
emotional, physical and spiritual health.
Physical Healing:

Getting help for depression may involve taking medication or a supplement. Medication, if necessary, can help. Have an honest conversation with a doctor. For a discussion about anti-depressant medications and their effectiveness, click here.
Genes and Depression:
Is there a genetic cause for depression? Scientists believe there is a connection and that at least 50% of the risk for depression is genetic. The gene 5-HTT, has two sides called alleles. If these sides are short, they don't carry as much protein to help with the hormone serotonin which is responsible for mood. After stressful situations - especially a constantly stressful lifestyle (like job loss, divorce, or living with persons with ADHD, autism, chronic illness, etc.) less protein is produced by the gene and an individual is more likely to experience depression after stressful circumstances. Anti Depressant medications target the serotonin nerve pathways.
Physical Factors of Depression:
Situations that have led to overwhelming and persistent despair resulting in depression may still need to be looked at. This is where counseling comes in. Having a trained professional on your side will help you. Circumstantial hopelessness can become chemical depression over time - meaning that your brain may not have the chemicals it takes to stay feeling well. That's why medication can help restore this balance.

There are many physical reasons depression can be a nasty intruder in your life:

Chemical imbalance in the brain.

Low testosterone in men & women: testosterone is NOT just a male hormone. Women also it and if it is too low, a number of symptoms can develop including depression.

Low thyroid function: Consider having your thyroid tested for low levels of hormone that it produces. It could be the cause of your depression.

Adrenal fatigue is one. It results from years of stress which can be due to many things. Over time, the stress affects a person's health and can cause adrenal fatigue which actually makes depression worse. There are a number of good books which give more information.
PMS If you suspect PMS to be the cause of your depression, keep track on a calendar to discover any patterns which you can share with your doctor.
Fibromyalgia This is a stress related disease which has many symptoms including depression, anxiety, memory problems, pain, painful mestrual cramps, and fatigue. For more symptoms as well as treatment options, follow the link.
During pregnancy or postpartum  (Postpartum support 1.800.944.4772)
Fatigue from a chronic illness
Drug or alcohol abuse
Certain vitamin deficiencies like an inadequate level of vitamin B12. Longterm deficiency of B12 can cause depression. To find out how as well as additional symptoms, click here.
Some medications may cause depression
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Whether you have physical causes relating to your depression
or not, there are things you can do 
to get better today!
Emotional Healing
Spiritual Healing 
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